Nutrition Philosophy

At Zesty we aim to have a significant positive impact on people's health through food. We care deeply about health, nutrition and balance and our approach ensures the best possible experience for our clients.

Zesty’s Health Mission

Zesty serves real, wholesome, delicious food hand-selected by our team of registered dietitians and restaurant experts. We collaborate with the best local restaurants to curate menus optimized for a variety of nutritional needs and taste preferences. Our superior quality standards promote the health and wellbeing of our community. We provide thoughtful service and hospitality that fosters camaraderie and collaboration within teams.

Our Promise: You can trust that the food you are provided is of the best quality possible. Our team of registered dietitians and culinary partnership managers work with local chefs to create nourishing recipes with minimal artificial or highly processed ingredients. Food choice is an individual decision and the ideal diet is where desired healthfulness meets quality of life. You’ll be given information about each dish including ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts so that you can make informed choices based on your preferences and wellness goals.

We focus on nutrient dense ingredients while maintaining the flavor and taste of exciting, delicious foods from a variety of cuisines. We take care of the meal planning, our restaurants and chefs prepare the food, and our catering captains deliver and beautifully arrange each meal at your workplace. Our family-style meals inspire a communal atmosphere that cultivates insightful ideas, friendship, and a memorable experience. Employees finish a Zesty meal feeling satisfied and ready to take on work energetically. Zesty fuels vigorous teams.




Food should taste great!  We strive to find balance for a variety of taste preferences.


We want you to know what you are eating. You will see all ingredients, major allergens and nutrition facts for your meals.


We provide high quality, real foods that are nutrient dense and include minimally processed ingredients. Our expert team constantly reviews current scientific research to make recommendations on quality standards.


We build community at all levels by collaborating with chefs, supporting local businesses, and sharing their food with our clients. We are advocates of being mindful of the food on our plate, and the story it tells. Meal times become a daily ritual where teams bond over shared experiences.


We are committed to our health mission, and it is an ambitious one. Through advances in technology we can revolutionize the food industry by increasing people’s understanding and awareness of food and influencing the availability of good-for-you ingredients in the supply chain.

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