San Francisco's leading office caterer is now serving Silicon Valley's Peninsula!

Zesty serves delicious, healthy meals from the best local restaurants to your office.

Why should Zesty be your company's food
program partner?

You want a food program partner who cares about your team as much as you do… not another vendor to manage.
You want to provide healthy, delicious, nourishing food to help your team be their best… not meals that make them lethargic by 2pm.
Your team loves variety — of cuisines, restaurants and dishes, so every meal is exciting and unique… not just meals.
You want exceptional on-site service… not just your team’s meals dropped off for self-service.
You want a food program bespoke to your team’s dietary needs… not meals that leave some employees with few options.
You want a partner to be responsive to your team’s feedback… not just a vendor who doesn’t communicate directly with your team.

Clients we serve in San Francisco

  • Splunk
  • TechCrunch
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • Allison and Partners
  • New Relic
  • Affirm
  • PocketGems
  • Vevo
  • Toutapp
  • TaskRabbit